Wedding Shoes: Bridal Heels V Bridal Flats?!

There isn’t a girl in this land who truly believes that they will be comfier in heels than they will in bridal flats. And it’s not just about height, or fashion, it’s about what you are going to feel most comfortable in to carry you through the day. Yes, the day – the biggest day of your life.

As sexy and as striking as heels can be, their real value lies in how they make you feel and how you project that feeling to your guests. If you feel your most beautiful best, it really doesn’t matter how high your heels are. Fabulous flats might not be so easy to find but there are heaps of brilliant options out there if you’ve made your decision. Remember, it’s all about how you feel and not what you are wearing on your feet…

Wedding Shoes: Bridal Heels V Bridal Flats?!


Featured bride Eleanor says: “I’m quite a tomboy, but I am a whole foot shorter than my husband, who is 6’4”. I wore a retro style True Bride dress for my wedding, so had some gorgeous Jimmy Shoes for the daytime and the photographs and changed into wedding converse for the evening so that I could have a good old boogie. It gave me two looks, and both worked with the dress. I let my hair down in the evening, too, in every sense!”

“When choosing the perfect bridal shoes you need to think about the style of your dress (and the height of your partner-to-be). Our higher Fern and Adrianna heels work perfectly with 50’s style knee-length dresses or elegant full-length gowns.” 

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And another bride, Lucy tells us: “I never wear heels normally, but was determined to for my wedding. I had always wanted a pair of Louboutins, so I bought a pair – a present from me to me – and practised walking in them every night at home for six months in the lead up to the big day. On the day they had moulded to my feet and felt so comfortable – I actually didn’t even notice them! And of course, everyone noticed them with their distinctive red sole!”

Of course, good, well made (and dare I say, often expensive) heels can be as comfortable as a pair of slippers, and there might be other reasons for wearing heels – to add some height, because they suit your dress style best, or just because you’re worth it!

Wedding Shoes: Bridal Heels V Bridal Flats?!

Rachel Simpson has been at the forefront of bridal shoe design for many years. She says that brides often comment on her shoes – all heels – saying that they are as comfortable as at shoes because they are so well made.

On the other hand, Merle and Morris sell luxury, high end feet candy in all heel heights, made to fit, feel comfortable and look super-stylish.

Finally, as always, there is a compromise to be had – why not change up your day-time heels with some flats for the evening? As say of their bridal flats “Wear them down the aisle. Wear them to dance the night away. Wear them because he fell in love with a flats girl. Wear them with your jeans afterwards.”

Will you wear bridal heels or bridal flats?! We’d love to know the styles you’ve chosen!