Becci Clubb walks us through how she chose her own bridal shoes…

On your wedding day, what you wear on your feet is so important. Naturally, when you start thinking about your aisle style your first thought will be your wedding dress, but for the majority of the day you’ll be on your feet. That makes your choice of footwear equally important.

The last thing you want to be doing is sitting down, massaging your feet and attending to blisters, because your shoes are hurting. Investing in a good quality pair of shoes that are super comfortable is invaluable on this particular day. Yes, you really can take that as an excuse to splash out on that pair you have been umming and ahhing over!

Remember that you can choose strappy sandals, soaring heels, ballet pumps or trainers. And so the debate begins, should you choose heels or flats?


Find out how to choose the best wedding shoes for your unique big day with the help of our Deputy Editor, from bridal flats and trainers to high heels...
Charlotte Mills


Flats are so easy to step into and forget about. As someone whose go-to shoe choice is usually flats, I know that they would be the safer bet – plus my venue has a cobbled aisle to contend with!

But heels give you that extra height that somehow makes you feel more confident, glamorous and stand up straighter. They can make you appear taller and slimmer and if your fiancé towers above you, heels will even out the height difference. This is the case for me and my fiancé. My two bridesmaids are taller than me, too.

Walking down the aisle I want to feel glamorous, so I have chosen to wear a pair of Charlotte Mills heels. Charlotte Mills shoes are hand-crafted using the very best materials, to ensure you can dance all night long in them. Each fashionable pair of shoes is designed with great attention to detail, featuring bows, heart motifs and statement heels with twinkling glitter.

Romantic, feminine and fun, every pair of Charlotte Mills shoes completes an element of the poem ‘Something old, something new’. Buying the shoes ticks off ‘something new’. Each pair of shoes has a silver sixpence in the sole, blue details on the insock and they come with an envelope in the box, for you to borrow before sending back with a photograph of you wearing the shoes on your wedding day.

From traditional ivory to pastel hues, rock and roll brights and shimmering metallics, you are sure to fall for a pair of shoes from the Charlotte Mills collection. I can’t wait to put mine on on my wedding morning!


Find out how to choose the best wedding shoes for your unique big day with the help of our Deputy Editor, from bridal flats and trainers to high heels...
Bella Belle


Most of the time you will find me in flat shoes, so the prospect of wearing a pair of heels for 12 hours on such an important day does feel a little daunting. That’s why I will wear a pair of bridal flats for my evening reception – something I decided before I had even chosen my dress!

The tricky part was finding a pair of flat wedding shoes that I felt looked bridal but not old-fashioned. When I found Bella Belle shoes, my search was over! I fell in love with the delicate details of every pair of their ballet shoes instantly. I am always drawn to embellishment, textures and patterns, so I knew right away Bella Belle were the shoes for me.

Designed using luxurious fabric, including silks and leathers, the collections are made up of pretty flats, mid- and high heels. The shoes feature three-dimensional flowers, beading and embroidery. There really is a style for everyone. Dancing the night away will be a breeze for me in these beautiful flats.


Find out how to choose the best wedding shoes for your unique big day with the help of our Deputy Editor, from bridal flats and trainers to high heels...
Wedding Converse


Three is the magic number they say, and when it comes to wedding shoes three is the number for me! I have also got a pair of Wedding Converse to wear on the big day. Our beachside venue calls for a trainer and what could be more perfect than a pair of personalised Wedding Converse? My fiancé has a matching pair, too!

Both pairs have our wedding date printed along the back of one of the heels. The other heel says bride or groom accordingly. The beach where we are saying I do has a tidal swimming pool in the shallows. When the tide is out the wall of the pool is just exposed.

I have seen stunning photographs of couples walking along the wall, posing romantically or helping each other along. I really want to recreate these (fingers crossed the tide will be on our side!). Wedding Converse will be perfect for this moment. Our wedding will be over a long weekend too, so I can wear these fun trainers in the following days and on my honeymoon, too.

I have chosen each pair of my wedding shoes carefully, finding the perfect footwear for each point in the day. The little details like this really do matter, and my wedding shoes will be the stars of the big day, I am certain! I love each pair for different reasons, so if you can’t decide between heels and flats, stilettos or flip-flops, block heels or trainers, my advice? Invest in them all!


Have you chosen your wedding shoes yet? What styles do you like?