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If you’re set on having your hair up on the big day, be inspired by these four wedding updos from the stylists at Salon Sloane…

Deciding how to wear your hair on the big day can depend on many other factors – the style of your dress, if you’re wearing a veil or tiara, and even the type of venue. And equally, once you’ve made up your mind, there’s still a lot to consider – will you go for messy or sleek, accessorised or bare, poker straight or wavy?

To help you decide, the stylists at Chelsea’s Salon Sloane have picked out four of their favourite updo looks, and show you how to recreate them with their step-by-step guides…

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1. Low tousled bob

For the brides who want a boho yet elegant look

Step1: Prep the hair by using a texturizing spray or beach spray on damp hair.

Step 2: Curl all the hair, tackling small sections with a small curling tong.

Step 3: Horizontally divide the bottom of the neck sections from ear to ear. Clip the top section, then backcomb the bottom section gently at the roots.

Step 4: Divide the bottom section into three equal sections, securing each one with an elastic band at the base. Back comb all three sections and wrap them around the base to create a natural padding.

Step 5: Unclip the top section and divide it from the back of the section horizontally in a two-inch section.

Step 6: In the section created above, take an even vertical section and wrap this section on to the padding on the neck, making sure to wrap it loosely and evenly to create the natural tousled texture. Then secure in place with a bobby pin.

Step 7: Repeat step six to the top of the head. You can create a side parting or a middle parting – whichever you’d prefer. Leave a few loose curly strands to give a more natural look.

Step 8: Replace the natural curls all around the face and at the back of the neck and lightly spray with hair spray and a little bit of sea salt spray.

2. High curly bun

For the brides who want their hair up with volume, but still have some natural texture.

Step 1: Prep the hair with a volumizing mousse and rough dry.

Step 2: Start to curl all the hair with a medium or large curling tong, depending on the type of curl you’re after.

Step 3: Spray with a very light hairspray and fluff the curls.

Step 4: Take a large section from the side of the head and start to place it as if you were doing a ponytail, making sure you are twisting the hair slightly before pulling it back. Repeat the process until you’ve done the whole head of hair.

Step 5: Tie all the sections with a hair tie on the top of the head and take all the curls out.

Step 6: Start forming the bun by sectioning the curls of the ponytail, twisting them around your finger and securing them around the ponytail randomly to create a bun.

Step 7: Once all the sections are pinned, create more volume and texture by making the sectioned curls a bit looser. 

Step 8: Spray with hairspray to fix in place.

3. Cascading braid

For the brides who want their hair down but off their face and with lots of volume 

Step 1: Apply a texturising mousse and blow-dry with a round brush, then curl with a curling tong. For extra volume add extensions.

Step 2: Section the hair from ear to ear below the crown and secure. Create a loose three-strand braid at the back. Secure with an elastic band to hold in place.

Step 3: Divide the top section – including the sides – vertically into two equal sections.

Step 4: From the back to the top create six horizontal sections and secure them all.

Step 5: Always starting from the back section, twist each side away from the face, loosen it and secure at the middle with an elastic band. Combine it organically into the top of the braid.

Step 6: Repeat for all the horizontal sections to the top of the head.

Step 7: Loosen all the sections to create more volume and texture. Re-curl some of the ends and then spray with hairspray.

Note: if you want to loosen the braid use dust powder.

4. Classic sleek chignon

For the brides who want a classic look.

Step 1: Prep the hair by applying a smoothing cream to damp hair and blow-drying.

Step 2: Separate the front of the head from the back by making a parting across the top of the head.

Step 3: Create three ponytails at the back of the head. 

Step 4: Backcomb the three ponytails. Brush each of them to make a smooth side of the backcombed ponytail, then wrap them on themselves, creating a tube at the base. Secure with bobby pins at the base and the edges.

Step 5: At the front and side sections create a side parting, backcomb at the roots on all the section to get a natural volume, and direct back gently into the nape the right front section on the tops, left side of the back section and the left front section on the top right side of the back section. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 6: Pin the end in place at the back of the neck and then spray with shine spray to get that smooth shiny effect.

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