We sat down with Pink Blossom Weddings, a business that offers an affordable bespoke service without compromising on luxury.

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Tell Us About Yourself and How Pink Blossom Weddings Began

I have always loved anything creative. I first found my love for interior design, then when I got married. I realised there was a gap in the market to truly help and inspire couples; especially those who didn’t know what they needed or wanted. I wanted to offer bespoke designs that offered the luxury they deserved but without the price tag.

I saw a large gap in the market in chair design, so I focused my efforts there to begin with. Then I started to offer table decor, then all types of decors to truly transform venues and ensure I could offer couples a full-service offering, so they didn’t have to go to multiple suppliers.

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Talk Us Through the Process of Styling a Wedding From When You First Talk to the Bride and Groom to the Wedding Day

I start with having a discussion with couples about what their colour scheme is, what they like and what they don’t like. We look at visuals of things they may have pinned so I can get the true essence of what story they want to tell with their decor. Sometimes this can be quite a mishmash of styles, which is normal as people often pin ideas from even before they get engaged and their ideas often change along the way.

I help to tailor their preferred style and then provide ideas and inspiration of how this all comes together; from when their guests step into the venue to them sitting for their wedding breakfast.

Once we have a good idea of the style their wedding day will take, the couple are provided with a clear detailed broken-down quote. This becomes a pick and mix for them and they can choose what elements they want to go with, based on their budget. Once the decor is decided upon a booking form is sent and we get them booked in. I am available throughout their journey if they need to discuss anything.

Nearer to the wedding, I check in with them and catch up on the booking making sure they don’t need to add anything. The final numbers are checked and then I liaise with their venue, clarifying all details and arrange a time to set everything up.

If their wedding breakfast is in the same room as their ceremony. I firstly set up for the ceremony, wait and then turn the room over for the wedding breakfast. Finally, I return the next day to collect everything.

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Do you Have any Standout Weddings you Have Worked on? Or Any Favourite Designs you Have Created?

I love a wedding which is a challenge, where I have created a brand-new design never seen before. It’s also fab to go to a new venue, as you often get to do a new decor style that specifically works for that space.

It’s hard to choose a favourite design as I love doing different things. It allows me to stay fresh and continually push myself to create new things.

Have you Faced any Challenges as a Business? How Have You Overcome Them?

There are lots of challenges as a small business. As the owner I have to be everything: – The designer, the accountant, sales, the marketeer, the digital guru *which I am not*, the cleaner, and the administrator- so my day is never boring.

I think the biggest challenge for me is switching off. It’s hard to say no, it’s hard to not reply to that email when it’s an evening and I should be relaxing. But as a business owner you must be determined to work hard and never stop, never give up, never be satisfied. Ultimately, always striving to improve and to be better.

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Have you Noticed Any Recent Wedding Trends? What Do You Think Will be Big this Year?

Classic white and the evergreen style will always be timeless, but we are seeing more bright pops of colour come through again. Simple and understated is a key theme. The oversized structures and blossom trees are now less popular. Hanging florals like florals curtains are going to be popular and I love the simple single stem versions. I will be displaying one of these at my next open days. So stay tuned for that.

Couples shouldn’t get hung up on trends, whilst it’s a great idea to get ideas and inspiration, they should be led by what they love, and what makes them feel happy when they see it, not what’s on trend.

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What’s Next for Pink Blossom Weddings?

I feel so pleased and privileged to be where I am today. We love what we do and get wonderful reviews from our couples. We have amazing relationships with some of the best venues in the area. So, I can only hope this continues for us.  I would love to see Pink Blossom Weddings in more venues around the region. This will enable us to continue to offer new and exciting ideas to our couples and really portray a huge portfolio of ideas to our couples.

It is never my dream to be so large that I have a load of people working with me as I don’t want to dilute the brand. I want to ensure that every couple gets me. They initially speak with me, and I style their day so that I see the process from start to finish. Call me a control freak but when you have worked so hard for something you want to ensure that those standards never drop… that every couple gets the best.

Every time I do a wedding, I self-criticise everything. Some may say just be satisfied but by doing this it makes me, and the business continually improve.

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