5 Elegant Ways To Decorate Your Wedding With Pressed Flowers

Brides have been making a statement with flowers on their wedding day for centuries but they are no longer simply an embroidery on the dress, or an accessory on her shoes and jewellery. Although edible and pressed flowers at weddings have been growing in popularity for years, with creatives like The Blushing Cook pioneering the versatility of them, Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018 will see a wave of wondrous new floral wedding ideas!

Bringing understated sophistication to any wedding, these flowers are fast promoting the use of organic British produce for events like Organic September in the name of style and substance!

5 Elegant Ways To Decorate Your Wedding With Pressed Flowers
Jan Billington, Owner

Jan Billington owner of Maddocks Farm Organics in Devon, the UK’s only organic edible flower farm, has been bringing colour and fun to weddings for nearly a decade. The farm, which has been certified organic by the Soil Association, hand picks each and every flower giving brides a bespoke collection.

“I handpick flowers for about 10 to 15 brides every week. I started doing this nine years ago, but every year demand doubles, brides are visually inspired by visions via Instagram and Pinterest – they want their cakes and dishes to look as pretty as possible.”

“Roses are still one of the most popular edible flower at weddings, they’re so quintessentially English, mine are all David Austin roses, they smell divine. Cornflowers and dahlias are having a resurgence this year with brides wanting to be more flamboyant with hot pinks and burgundies. Mini sunflowers are also very popular along with wild flowers this year too. And, unlike fresh edible flowers you can add pressed flowers to a cake a day in advance.”


Jan’s TOP 5 ways to use edible pressed flowers at your wedding.

1. Co-ordinating Cocktails

Organic edible flowers in wedding cocktails are a current favourite. People used to pop the odd rose petal or viola into a champagne flute but now cocktails are themed specifically around their flower. Lemon verbena or begonia flowers with sharp, strong citrus tastes are ideal in G&Ts. I grow little miniature organic cucumbers that look like watermelons, called cucamelons, they work brilliants in cocktails too. Borage and pansies are brilliant choices and long sprigs of lavender in tall Prosecco glasses.

2. Fabulous Favours

Favours at weddings are going back to more unique and homemade roots. Recently I had a bride order half a kilo of rose petals for her wedding, which was taking place in a beautiful rose garden, she gave little pots of home-made rose–petal jam to every guest. I’ve also seen home-made marshmallows with rose petals and beautifully decorated iced biscuits topped with edible flowers.

edible organic flower farm1

3. Blooming Wedding Breakfasts

We speak to chefs directly to suggest eye catching flowers to compliment their dishes. A chrysanthemum works well for spicy soup or spicy dishes and Daylilies for Asian dishes and salads. Pansies are beautiful for desserts. We’ve see an influx of brides ordering our Floral Salad after we won the Soil Association’s BOOM award for it. Borage flowers, which are tiny, blue star-like flowers, set off the greenery beautifully.

4. Frozen Flowers

Brides tell me they have been freezing edible flowers, turning them into something more fun like floral jelly shots with elegant flowers set inside. Frozen flower ice lollies to give to children has been another popular one.

edible organic flower farm2

5. Creative Canapés

At previous weddings I’ve suggested mustard, dill flowers or garlic flowers for savoury canapés, which look great as little sprigs on top of canapés. These also go well with stronger flavours like mini Yorkshire puddings and beef. A salmon terrine canapé would require a subtler flavour and lavender is perfect for desserts!

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