With Valentine’s Day 2023 the next big event on the calendar, there’s no better time to make a declaration of love. Here’s how to pop the question with the ultimate romantic Valentine’s proposal…

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A Valentine’s Proposal: How to Make a Declaration of Love

It’s the most romantic day of the year – so how about using Valentine’s Day as the perfect day to propose to him or her? And with any bold declaration of love, you’ll want a romantic speech prepared.

The experts at Beaverbrooks have put together their top ideas for the best Valentine’s Day proposal to set you apart from the crowd if you’re thinking of popping the big question.

Romantic and Unique Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Propose on Holiday

Pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day and treat your partner to a romantic break. Pick somewhere that means something to the pair of you, or somewhere your partner has always wanted to go. That way, you’ll have some sweet details and points of reference in your speech and future vows.

Whether you’ve opted for a chic city break or a beach destination, popping the question while on a trip away will not only make the holiday extra special, but also give you a special destination to return to on anniversaries to come.


Recreate Your First Date

Going back to the beginning to talk about the future can make your proposal all the more meaningful.

Whether you met in a bar, had a meal at your favourite restaurant or went on a walk, recreate the day or night and when the moment’s perfect, get down on one knee and ask them to say ‘yes’ to your happily ever after.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Cards

Who doesn’t love getting a card from their (not so secret) admirer on Valentine’s Day?

This year, set the romance stakes high by writing as many cards as you can; each one containing a different reason why you love them, some lovely Valentine’s Day quotes or a picture of special times you’ve shared together.

Make a trail of cards around the house which eventually leads to the best one of all; the one which asks them to share the rest of their life with you, like this super cute design from Not On The High Street.

Marry Me Valentine’s Card, £4.50, Not on the High Street

Go on Your Favourite Walk

Why not sweep your loved one off their feet on your favourite walk together? Surrounded by beautiful scenery, it’s the perfect excuse for holding hands and talking about your favourite memories together.

You could even find a spot to set your camera up on a timer and capture the moment you get down on one knee, or if you or your partner love a bit of tech, attach (securely!) the engagement ring to a quadcopter or drone and have it flown down to you while out walking with your partner. Then, appear to be as surprised by the drone as your partner is until it gets within reaching distance – then pull the ring off and pop the question.

A Locket of Love

Before you choose a diamond ring, why not say it with jewellery first? For old-world romance you can’t beat a beautiful locket, and it’s even better when it comes with a secret note inside.

After a relaxing stroll or romantic lunch, present them with the locket – we love this Tree Heart Locket from Beaverbrooks – as you begin your proposal speech.

Rose Gold Plated Silver Tree Locket, £150, Beaverbrooks

Enjoy a Cosy Night In

If you want your proposal to be a more intimate affair, at-home proposals are the way to go. Staying in is now the new going out so it’s the perfect time to pop the question over a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two.

Prepare your favourite meal, put on some romantic music, and dress as though you were going to the most exclusive restaurant. Then sweep your loved one off their feet with the question they’ve been dreaming of answering.

Get the Pets Involved

If you share a pet cat or dog, get home early, pop some champagne in the fridge and prepare a beautiful meal.

Put the ring on your pet’s collar with a sign – and have them greet your partner as they walk in the door. As soon as they spot the ring, propose and celebrate your engagement!


Decorate Your House

Wait until your partner is asleep, in another room or has gone to the shops and set up balloons, candles and rose petals for a really romantic proposal.

When they return they will be surprised to find a transformed house! Celebrate afterwards with a glass of champagne before you share your happy news with the world.

Set Up a Treasure Hunt

If you love the outdoors – or you could even recreate this in your house – this Valentine’s Day proposal will definitely be a winner. Create a treasure hunt around one of your favourite locations.

You could openly plan this with your partner as a fun activity with a load of friends. Then, at the end of the trail, surprise them all with your proposal.

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The Puzzle Proposal

Embrace your inner geek by planning a relaxing afternoon at home, then casually suggest playing a puzzle.

Bring out a personalised puzzle that, when completed, reads ‘Will You Marry Me?’. This idea can also work really well with Scrabble, too.

The Fake Photoshoot

Tell your partner you’ve won a romantic couple’s photo shoot. What you’ve really done is hired a photographer to take photos of you in one of your favourite locations to capture your proposal.

Get dressed up and then propose mid-shoot. You could then have a romantic engagement photo shoot to celebrate.

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Say it With Cake on Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

If your partner has a sweet tooth, how about ordering a batch of cupcakes spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in frosting and have them waiting on their arrival home from work – or some classic love heart ‘Marry Me’ Sweets? Or if you fancy yourself a baking extraordinaire, you could work the words into the cake to reveal the question as they cut in.

And if you’re feeling brave, you could hide the ring in the cake or on the cupcake icing (the kind of cherry on top we’re into) – but make sure you avoid any potential choking hazards!

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