We spoke to Tina Vedrine, the award winning and highly renowned photographer behind The Vedrines, a wedding photography business that has captured an impressive following and celebrity clientele.


Tina tells us her sources of inspiration, which partly stemmed from her adoration of a French impression artist; how she has grown in confidence since first starting her business and what we can expect from her in the future.

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Tell us a Little Bit About Yourself and Why You Chose a Career in Photography?

I was always that one friend who would bring their small digital camera out with them, and I can honestly say that I had just as much pleasure going through the pictures the next day and editing them for my friends as I did dancing all night!

For as long as I can remember, art and modern dance have been my escapism. During my degree, I realised I could combine them, which inspired me to turn to photography and make my first investment in a DSLR camera.

As I grew older, I realised how much I enjoyed making people feel good about themselves, whether through makeovers, new hair styles, or photo shoots! These projects helped my loved ones feel more confident and they appreciated the art I was creating; which gave me a great sense of accomplishment because they trusted me with my own creation.

And so, the idea of becoming a Wedding Photographer was born! I had completely fallen in love with capturing the beauty and joy of a wedding day after I saw someone I knew doing it for a living. I thought the photos were stunning, I was in awe.

How Would You Describe Your Style of Photography? What’s the Inspiration Behind Your Aesthetic?

This may sound cliché but I am still to this day inspired by my favourite Artists. Especially French Impressionist – Edgar Degas, his dancer series is so moving to me as dance was such a huge part of my life growing up. 


I also adore love and romance. When I see the unique connection between a couple it encourages me to convey that feeling within their photos and throughout their gallery. 

I truly feel my inspiration stems from what gives me the most joy in my job – which is creating beauty from everyday things and having the artistic freedom to do so in my own unique way. I feel so lucky and honoured to call this my job. 



What Can the Bride and Groom Expect From you on their Wedding Day?

Someone who is completely devoted to their work and is determined to put you at ease while getting your picture taken. I’ve also been known to sew on buttons, style hair and stick on tit-tape last minute… 

I can’t express enough though, how much of a big deal it is to choose the right photographer for you. Make the investment – you’ll be spending many hours with them for one of the biggest days of your life. If you can, follow them on Instagram, get to know what their character is like, really hone in on how their work makes you feel. 


Your wedding photographer will be documenting one of the best days of your lives for you to look back on for years to come. For me, my ideal client is one who has chosen me for what I can bring to the day and resonates with my style of work. 

Do You Have a Favourite Style or Location to shoot?

For portraits and styled shoots you’re given permission to be more creative. I love simplistic backgrounds, anything which will draw the attention to the couple and enable me to play with light and contrast. 

There’s so much beauty to capture during these sessions, for example the emotion and the couple’s personalities and connection, all of which need to be celebrated – so I try to stay away from fussy/flat backgrounds for these. 


Whats Your Favourite Part of the Wedding Day?

Great question! 

There are particular aspects of a wedding day which excite and inspire each and every creative photographer. My favourites are unquestionably seeing the dress for the first time and watching how the light interacts with it throughout the day. I’ve also always appreciated femininity and with that I enjoy exploring composition and contrast which has developed my distinct way of telling my couples’ story of their wedding day. I just love the whole vibe of a Wedding, they’re such a happy place to be! 



How Have You Evolved Since First Starting Your Photography Business?

Oh, in a multitude of ways. 

Not only my work and how it’s developed over the years, but my confidence in social situations has grown massively. I used to be quite a shy person and intimated by the unknown – but this job literally pushes you out of your comfort zone. My job is to help others be less shy and to bring out the best in them. 

Over the years I’ve learned to love this experience of meeting new people. I feel proud with how far I’ve come in the Industry and the feedback I’ve received from my amazing couples.  

Whats next for you? 

I absolutely adore bridal fashion, I’d love to work with one of my favourite bridal designers one day – that’s a dream of mine.

One day in the future, I can envisage The Vedrines Photography employing and educating independent, aspiring wedding photographers to capture weddings in The Vedrines style. Since editing and presentation are such a big part of the brand, I still think that part of the business will fall on me – especially since editing is what I enjoy doing the most!


Tina’s Instagram can be found here.

Tina’s website, The Vedrines Photography, can be found here.

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